Beka Iglesias (Galiza, 1982).I studied Communication in Uvigo and UAB University (Séneca scholarship). After Barcelona and Mexico, (Chiapas as international observer and DF), I arrived in Università di Teramo and Roma to study about free software and network-social-model in an Erasmus scholarship.

I decided to come back to Galiza and studied Social Education focused in gender and intercultural issues in UNED. I worked simultaneously in different educative projects, always as freelancer: Women Time in collaboration with ETL Paspallas and Xunta de Galicia in 2008-2009, Sexual and Reproductive Rights in collaboration with P&D and Xunta de Galicia in 2009-2010. I was collaborating in An-Najah University program teaching creative skills in Nablus, Palestine.

After this, I worked as coordinator in a Participation and Autonomy program for gipsy women (through creativity and digital literacy) and as intercultural educative mediator in FSG from 2009 to 2011.I did communication planning for Arbore consumer organic coop and I developed my love for vegetarian food collaborating in some associations. Ecologi(es) were so much important for me from my Mexico travel and I was recording audiovisual material for a Olholivre documentary about networks and ecologi(es) in Galiza. Simultaneously, I worked teaching free software multimedia applications in production contexts and I was investigating in real-time audiovisuals. I was participating in conferences in univerties and museums (networks, transfeminism(s), tech) and I was coordinating some events.For example, I did...

Videoediting workshop for TEGNIX in 2010; co-coordination Generatech-Galiza in collaboration with sweena and UAB in 2010;Linux install party and introduction to multimedia-creative-process in 2010 (VigoTransforma festival); selection for videoediting workshop collaboration with Medialab-Prado in Digital Narratives project in 2010; vjing performance with Sweena (painting) and VanessaPerozo (dance) in Verbum Museum in 2010; vjing performance with Sweena (painting) in collaboration with Baleiro Lab and USC in 2011; vjing in MACC Creative Industries festival in 2011; and podcast workshop in collaboration with sweena and MACUF Museum in 2011; lecturer in New Feminisms conference in UDC in 2011;artistic residence in alg-alab, Vigo in 2011; lecturer in Free Software, Free Bodies and Networks-Cooperatives in Uvigo in 2012; free stopmotion and live stopmotion in CAAA in European Culture Capital in Guimarães in 2012; summerlab collaboration in La Laboral (Gijón) 2011, and Tabakalera (Donosti) 2012 as Summeroflabs coordination team, Culturgal collaboration in 2011 and 2012, and so on.

I was learning contemporary dance from 2009 to 2011 in Artistica School (Vigo) and I like a lot to collaborate with dancers, specialists in physical theater and micro-movement etcs and I like (and practice) the self-management of health in our bodi(es). Transfeminism(s), magic, acupuncture and witches/meigas. I was participanting in different free-software hacklabs and I was learning in creative labs different digital arts fields with all my motivation...Workshops, for example:

PHP web-coding in Audiência Zéro in 2009 (Porto); Cinema 2.0 in CGAI in 2010 (Corunha); Real-time video with Openframeworks in AZ in 2010 (Porto); Synthesis with puredata in Hangar in 2010 (Barcelona); Interactive design with Processing in AZ in 2010 (Porto); Multitouch Interface Hardware in LCD in European Cultural Capital in 2011 (Guimarães); Computer Vision in LCD in 2011(Guimarães); Android development in LCD n 2012 (Guimarães); Touch-Noise Hardware in LCD in 2012(Guimarães); Kinect and Openframeworks in Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation in 2012(Vigo); Video-mapping in LCD in 2012(Guimarães); Data Visualisation in LCD 2012(Guimarães); Advanced Puredata in LCD in 2012 (Guimarães);Volumetric reconstruction (kinect, OF) in Hangar in 2013 (Barcelona).

I was developing Augmented Magic project (interactive performance) in European Cultural Capital Guimarães context in 2012, in collaboration with Mariana Ferreira. The performance was selected for the Art Exhibition in World Haptics Conference in South Korea in 2013.

From October 2012 to July 2013, I received an european scholarship to coordinate the ( ) implementation in Portugal (translations, legal issues, presentations, first installation negotiation) and have participated in Future Places festival.

Simultaneously, I have started project, selected in UNIA cloudfunding call, in collaboration with Berio Molina, ( and studied a Mobile Devices Development Post-graduation. Its director mention my final project in MIT Medialab as pioneer project in p2p-streaming.

I have started Kinetik BodyMesh project in Bodynet call in Medialab in July 2013, and I was coordinating aRtropocode meeting, an colletive artistic residence in collaboration with Baleiro Lab and USC, in summeroflabs circuit context in August 2013.

I travelled and participated in summerlab Nantes in july 2013, Casablanca in September 2013 (Cimetta Funds scholarship for summerlab and artistic residence), and in streaming hackathon in Telenoika, Barcelona in November 2013. From the beginning of this year, I was participating in different events and festivals in Medialab-Prado (In-Sonora festival), Hangar, Fabacademy MIT in Lisbon, Pechblenda lab etc

Actually, I am programming the Genesis interactive installation (for Eduardo Kac), updating its technology and working for this pioneer in bioart for MAC museum and MU Netherlands gallery. I was organizing (in collaboration) aRtropocode 2014 ( and tech summerlab), which was this September in A Normal, UDC. I am asked for workshops in peer-to-peer live streaming and interactive sound areas for the next months, too. Finally, performances in differents festivals (in Catalunya and Berlin) and presentations in Piksel are in my schedule.

So, art, tech, science, nature/society and trans-disciplinary approach are my guidelines. I am always around biohacklabs (specially rurals), medialabs, fablabs and so on in a nomadic/open-ecology way :) You can read more about another collaborations, prototypes, experiments and ongoing works in my blog :).